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Why Tumblr Sucks

After 40,000 followers and 4 years on Tumblr; I've had enough. I spent much time over the years on my multiple tumblogs hosted at Tumblr but finally the bad outweighs the good.

It brings me no pleasure to write this post. I understand as badly I think the team run Tumblr, I do not wish any harm or upset on them. I do think that their complete lack of care for their product should be known, so others do not make the same mistake I have. Frustrated with them and their service, I have finally succumbed to moving my blog to Wordpress.

Why? Let me show you some of the reasons.

The Support

Put bluntly… Tumblr sucks!

The Worst Part

The team know about this. They are too busy hanging out with famous people to care.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="500" caption="Terry Richardson and Tumblr Staff. One of the many people they hang out with on the company dime."][/caption]

Yes, that's Terry Richardson, the man accused of coercing models into sleeping with him and making him a "Tampon Tea" (I kid you not.) in fear of losing their job in the industry.

Tumblr is just another "fund first, monetize later" startup. They had no revenue model until last year. Considering I had been a member for 3 years by that time, that's a long time. They take quite a slack approach to work and while that is not always bad, they seem to show a lack of real care for their product.

With all their troubles and all their bugs, you think they would put something in place to protect that. Apparently not; Marco himself even boasts that you won't find any Factories in his codebase. Tests neither by the look of it.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Cowboy Coders"][/caption]

Why would I bash something I've been on for 4 years? Something that has meant a lot to me. It's because the community make it, not the software. Just as our governments do not make our communities, Tumblr is not responsible for it's community. Unfortunately, the community is the only thing it has going for it and people on the internet are fickle.

[Edit] I wrote a followup post.